Digital Pottery:
Throwing 3D Vessels with Bézier Curves and B-splines


  1. Draw the outline of vessel using either Bézier or B-spline curves by creating control points in the blue drawing area. The shape of the curve is controlled by dragging the control points. The default curve is Bézier. To select b-spline, choose the appropriate radio button from the options menu. Mouse click in the blue viewing area. Points can be moved around with a mouse drag.
  2. Next, from the view menu, select either the "3D Wire Frame" or "Polygon Faces" options. Mouse drag the vessel to an interesting perspective.
  3. To clear the screen, select "Clear" from the options menu.
  4. A little playing around should reveal the behavior of other settings.

It's a !@#$@! mess, but feel free to pick through the source code.