LogoRhythms: An Audio Synthesis/Computer Audition API extending UC Berkeley Logo

LogoRhythms is an audio synthesis, computer audition API built into U.C Berkeley Logo, an open source Logo interpreter. LogoRhythms adds sonic functionality to a language with a rich tradition in the teaching of computer programming and problem solving, even with primary school students. Writing programs that draw pictures via turtle graphics has always been a Logo mainstay application area. With LogoRhythms, a program may produce both visual and musical output, underscoring a relationship of math and art and that computer programming is a creative opportunity. While some Logo music APIs focus on the lexicon of traditional music theory or contemporary standards such as MIDI, LogoRhythms draws its terminology from the concepts of digital signal processing. It's seen primarily as a tool for teaching programming via the creative possibilities of digital audio and the idiom of a typed-text, interpretted functional programming language.


The most recent LogoRhythms is built onto the UCB-Logo 5.5 interpretter. While UCB-Logo is supported on several platforms, LogoRhythms has been developed and tested on Linux-- but with a mind to make porting as easy as possible.

Code Examples

These code examples are included with the above source code download.